Studying in Thailand — Episode 5

We set out on foot for the first temple we wanted to go to, Wat Chiang Man. Since all three of us were thirsty, especially me, we went into a 7-eleven to buy something to drink. Before we got to Wat Chiang Man we came across a temple called Wat Phan On that looked nice,… Read More

Studying in Thailand — Episode 4

Since I had a plan to go sightseeing with my friends, I got up early this morning. I’ve been having cereal for breakfast as much as possible, in order to try to save money. I had suggested to my friends Susan and Tina that we go to see some of the sights in Chiangmai. Our… Read More

Studying in Thailand — Episode 3

Since I woke up early again this morning I thought it would be a good idea to do a little shopping, including buying something that will help me to sleep. I used an app on my phone called “grab app” to call for a taxi to take me to MAYA, which is the name of… Read More

Studying in Thailand — Episode 2

The mattress on my dormitory bed is so hard that I’m finding it difficult to sleep. I woke up at 5:00 this morning. Feeling a little hungry, I went for a walk to find something to eat. I found some chicken on a skewer. I had to go out today to get a SIM card… Read More

“Game Over” for Katakana Pronunciation

Sitting in a Tokyo coffee shop, I heard a boy of six or so look up from the phone he was using and tell his parents “Game Over.”  What struck me was that his  pronunciation was very good  — he joined the two words together naturally and got the American “er” in “over” just right,… Read More

Feeling good about immaturity

It feels good to be generous of my time with students, trying to help them academically, to nurture their self-confidence and to know them as people, a process that lets them see more of myself than they are used to seeing in other teachers.  But this generosity, which is essentially a matter of treating students as human… Read More

May 26th 2017 66th Birthday!

Friday. Very tired after the previous wekend at the ICLEI conference in Viet Nam. Rika, with two classes in Tokyo today, made an appointment for me to have a foot massage in Kamakura. No other plan. We met up after the massage and decided to have a celebratory something or other in a well-known cake… Read More