May 26th 2017 66th Birthday!

Friday. Very tired after the previous wekend at the ICLEI conference in Viet Nam. Rika, with two classes in Tokyo today, made an appointment for me to have a foot massage in Kamakura. No other plan. We met up after the massage and decided to have a celebratory something or other in a well-known cake shop near Kamakura Station.

It felt nice to be told that John Lennon and Yoko Ono had once sat in the same seats. (Or at least the same corner — maybe the seats have been changed)

Yoko wuz her
John wuz here.  Imagine…
I could never have imagined someone as perfect for me as Rika!


And you will have to imagine the mango parfait and cheese cake we had with our coffees, because we didn’t think to take photos of them.

Later, on the spur of the moment we decided to go for an early French dinner at a little place called Chez Aki.


This is turning out to be better than any birthday we could have planned. It doesn’t matter that we will miss the fireworks display from our balcony.  This is great!


MAy 26 2017 Chez Aki
Thank you Rika for a wonderful birthday!


Wishing for … (you’ll have to imagine what the wish is)

Thank you Rika and thank you dear friends and relatives for your warm birthday wishes!