Welcome to my living room.  Sorry about the mess…

A site like this is sometimes called a “home” page.  A home has a living room, and it is my pleasure to be able to share with you parts of the “living room” that I inhabit within me .  I do so in the hope that you may deem these open spaces worthy of your thoughtful and kind attention, and perhaps even of your friendship.

The wide-ranging stories, notes, passing thoughts, pictures, essays, profound insights  and hopefully forgivable self-promotion that you discover here are inspired by and rooted in Courage and Hope for our future.

It does not matter through which personal, religious, political, cultural or philosophical filters we might each currently be choosing to see the world. Violence, crime, poverty, disease, environmental destruction (and any other of the problems you think I should mention) are a collective creation of what is going on inside each one of us. Change the way we feel about and see ourselves and we change the world.

Clarity and Simplicity enable us to see the single Existence that holds everything   together. They also allow us to see that there is a single “master-choice” that can guide every other decision that we make.  The source of an endless flow of awareness, understanding and inspiration, it is the most profoundly simple choice of all: the choice to trustfully embrace this life, striving to savor it moment to moment. One breath at a time.Living Room evening

Maybe some of the above makes me sound to you as if I’m from another planet.  Maybe you don’t like the way I capitalised  a number of words to make them look important.  If for any reason you don’t quite feel comfortable, I invite you to think of what I am trying to say  in these terms:   Each one of us can choose to clean up the “living room” inside of ourselves. We can grow out of our disappointments and enjoy being who we really are. And that is not only fun, but also makes us fun to be around. Do you see where this could be going?

Welcome to the living room within me.  I was just starting to clean up when you rang the bell…  Make yourself at home.

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Kevin Mark
April 28th 2016

Now back in Zushi, Japan…

September 24th 2016



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