Studying in Thailand — Episode 3

Since I woke up early again this morning I thought it would be a good idea to do a little shopping, including buying something that will help me to sleep. I used an app on my phone called “grab app” to call for a taxi to take me to MAYA, which is the name of the nearest shopping center. Unfortunately I hadn’t bothered to check what time it opens, and I got there two and a half hours early, at 8:24! Despite the fact that I was feeling very tired, I had no choice but to wait until 11:00. Rather than just hang around doing nothing, I thought it would be more interesting to visit the nearest temple. I wanted to cross this road, but the cars were driving so fast that it was too dangerous to attempt to get across. My friend Tina said that everything about life in Thailand is slow, except for the way they drive. I went back to my dormitory with some cereal I had bought for breakfast. Later I suggested to Susan that we go out for dinner, and she took me to a restaurant that she likes. This is a photo of the meal we had, a kind of fried rice dish that cost 30 Bhat. This was the best meal I’ve had here. While we were eating I had a chance to tell her about how my bed is too hard, and about how I’m not getting much sleep. She very kindly took me to a bedding store that has a wide range of pillows in particular. Later we went to the night market near the university, which is open every night.


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