Studying in Thailand — Episode 5

We set out on foot for the first temple we wanted to go to, Wat Chiang Man. Since all three of us were thirsty, especially me, we went into a 7-eleven to buy something to drink. Before we got to Wat Chiang Man we came across a temple called Wat Phan On that looked nice,… Read More

Studying in Thailand — Episode 4

Since I had a plan to go sightseeing with my friends, I got up early this morning. I’ve been having cereal for breakfast as much as possible, in order to try to save money. I had suggested to my friends Susan and Tina that we go to see some of the sights in Chiangmai. Our… Read More

Studying in Thailand — Episode 3

Since I woke up early again this morning I thought it would be a good idea to do a little shopping, including buying something that will help me to sleep. I used an app on my phone called “grab app” to call for a taxi to take me to MAYA, which is the name of… Read More