Studying in Thailand — Episode 5

We set out on foot for the first temple we wanted to go to, Wat Chiang Man. Since all three of us were thirsty, especially me, we went into a 7-eleven to buy something to drink. Before we got to Wat Chiang Man we came across a temple called Wat Phan On that looked nice, so we decided to go in. But this turned out to be a mistake. The temple itself was attractive and interesting enough for Susan and myself to feel positive about taking some photos of the building and the statues of Buddha, but Tina didn’t find it interesting. As we were about to leave and go on our way, Tina and Susan noticed that that an elderly Thai gentleman was trying to get our attention. I had no idea what he was saying, but Tina and Susan speak a little Thai and seemed to be able to understand, so I went along with them. The man got us to sit down and then started talking about something. He was holding a small cylindrical object with a red string wound around it, and wanted us to pay 40 bhat for whatever it was that he was doing. It looked to me as if he was trying to con us.

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