Deluded: the New Field of Future Etymology

The other day I was talking to an old friend who shares my interest in word roots. I wondered aloud if we could think of the word “deluded”, which has its origins in the Latin verb ludere meaning “to play,” as meaning “having the playfulness taken out of us.” In other words, is the core meaning of “deluded” that we are in a confused and self-deceptive state when we have lost our sense of playfulness — we are taking ourselves (or “things”) too seriously.

Reflections on “Authority” in PALT

The demystification and weakening of authority from above in all spheres of life, and the corresponding empowerment of individuals — the strengthening of individual and personal authority— is an important elem ent in the long-term overall process of “globalization” (defined here as humanity’s realization of its unity).