Reflections on “Authority” in PALT

The demystification and weakening of authority from above in all spheres of life, and the corresponding empowerment of individuals — the strengthening of individual and personal authority— is an important elem ent in the long-term overall process of “globalization” (defined here as humanity’s realization of its unity). Read More

The kind of workplace we want, the kind of world we want…

Choosing to banish the excuses and prejudices that prevent us from achieving the kind of workplace that we want is the most powerful and empowering education that we can provide for students at this most dramatic time in human history. Read More

The good-hearted majority

I stumbled across an email I wrote to a friend in Oxford following the big earthquake of 2011. She, like many other friends overseas, was anxious to know how things were for us in Tokyo. Read More

Boundaries? Awesome!

Thinking out of the box — That’s far out! “Awesome,” used as a friendly term of approval for almost anything, is a word I hear a lot from young Americans.  In the seventies many of us used the expression “far out” in a similar way. Both expressions wormed their way into the language of young people… Read More

Natural Resources

I’ve been enjoying reading Donella Meadows’ book, “Thinking in Systems.” The incredible quote here, which  isn’t from the book, deserves special attention.  This is a prominent environmentalist talking, a scientist.   What she is saying is that our most important resource is already within us. I’d like to add that we can choose to tap into it whenever… Read More