A flying dream

(Written for new members of my “zemi” or seminar)

November 26 2016 – Saturday – Meiji University Kiyosato Seminar House

I had an amazing dream on Wednesday night.   It started in the same way as countless other dreams I’ve had.  For some reason, in this kind of dream I start jumping up and down, and there are people watching me, usually with the attitude that I am wasting my time jumping, and that doing it won’t get me anywhere.  This was exactly the context of my dream the other night.  I don’t remember who the people were.  What was important was that I wanted to do something that they did not think possible.

flying-dream-1As usual in this kind of dream, my jumping became gradually higher and higher, and as it did so the people watching became more and more impressed.  Eventually, as always happens in this kind of dream, I ended up truly flying.

But this particular dream was different from the many other flying dreams that I have had, in that I felt a powerful connection with the surrounding landscape: the trees, clouds and sky.  Particularly the trees.  It was as if I was joined to them by a strong flow of  liquid love.  I had not just the magical power to fly, but nature was endowing me with the power to do something in this world. It was breathing itself into me and willing me to not only fly, but also letting me discover what I have been born to do. I could hear an incredible song starting to come out from deep inside me.

Now, a few days later, the incredible feeling of nature pouring its love into me as I was flying is still with me, vividly. It is a delight to be able to write this as a way of kicking off  the projects that  we are going to be working on together in the zemi over the next couple of years.  Intriguingly, it fits well with the fact that Yutaka’s band is called “Dreamer!”

It seems, from reading I’ve done and from searching the internet, that flying dreams that begin with increasingly high jumps are not at all uncommon.

The picture above is from a web site on “lucid dreaming.”     http://www.wikihow.com/Use-Super-Powers-in-a-Lucid-Dream


The painter Marc Chagall is famous for his dream-like images of flying.

Below is a child’s picture inspired by Chagall’s work.


Chagall Inspired Dreaming in Grade 2

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